How Do Bespoke Gaming Tables Affect Employees?

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It may seem counter-intuitive to state something as fun and leisurely as a bespoke gaming table can boost productivity and positive attitudes towards hard work, but research shows it’s true. We’ve all heard of Google HQ having adult slides in their gigantic offices and given how likely they are to have researched the psychological impact of every business decision they take; it stands to reason they are on the right side of motivating employees.


Naturally, you want to represent your business in the design of your office space. Materials and artwork can help you do that with regards to your custom desks and other aesthetic choices but rewarding furniture such as bespoke gaming tables are where your employees receive a boost of dopamine. Since it’s an object especially designed to be used by your valued workforce, it need not interfere with how visitors and other professional view your brand.


In other blogs, we’ve discussed how buildings aren’t exempt from the famous ‘first impressions count’ rhetoric we’re all so familiar with regarding our interactions with other people. Once you get past your bespoke reception desk with its ergonomic features, the reason why bespoke gaming tables and other fun additions to your working environment are so effective is because it encourages your employees to feel young at heart. A German study found that when a workforce felt younger than their chronological age, their personal performance and that of the company’s increased.


Since games involve agile thinking and engage the brain to think flexibly, the brain is kept young in it’s pathways, leading to more dynamic thinking when the break’s over and your worker’s head back to their desks.


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