The Psychology of the Reception Desk

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Psychology is such a broad field that is proving areas you might consider ordinary spaces make a big impact on our psyche and how we interpret the environment. Overwhelmingly, it is discovered that first impressions are the most instrumental in forming our opinion of a building. That’s why we have a dedicated team of expert craftsmen with years of experience to call upon who offer bespoke reception desks that convey a deliberate message, decided upon by you.


We’ve all heard psychologists purport the notion that we never really change our first impression of a person, so it needs to be positive! Similarly, it takes less than a second for visitors to make an assessment of your building based on your reception desk area and how the space has been designed. Our custom desks and custom consoles can help you to maximise your power in influencing the snap judgement of visitors to your building as the first impression they receive can be echoed throughout their journey inside your building. Personal space is a crucial factor in how comfortable visitors feel in your reception area, so we ensure we can create compact-size bespoke reception desks that don’t compromise on design.


It isn’t just visitors that are influenced by office design either, as productivity increases when a workspace is designed deliberately to make people feel comfortable. Ergonomic designs are a speciality of ours, having been manufacturing bespoke reception desks and a range of broadcast, laboratory, security and other types of furniture for several decades.


Architect Juhani Pallasmaa poetically called door handles ‘the handshake of the building’. By understanding how every minor detail impacts the way you are perceived by all who walk into your building, we can offer an effective design package, from drawings and visuals to specific material ideas of how we can help you create the right impression.


For more information on how our custom reception desks can benefit you, contact our team today.

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