Who Should Your Salon Reception Desk Impress?

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In this blog, we will be putting forward two main reasons why salon reception desks need to be visually striking yet ergonomically built. Our voice comes from experience as we have several decades of servicing a range of industries with our sustainably sourced installations that are always manufactured according to your bespoke requirements.


Features such as keyboard trays and cable tidies are an easy yet striking way to improve the appearance of salon reception desks. Customers and important visitors alike are visually inspecting the neatness of your desk when standing at the reception area because it reflects on the rest of the organisation. Professionalism is a non-negotiable element of creating a brand with longevity, and these easy ways of keeping a neat desk that still contains all the relevant information is ingenious. All our salon reception desks are easily configured with these features, plus more such as monitor shelves, clip-on equipment supports, plus more.


One of the most important visitors are arguably future reception staff, who will be representing your brand from your reception area. To attract the best talent, you need to have ergonomically built salon reception desks of the right size and design for ease-of-working. Plus, you should ensure the colour schemes and branding is correct as this area is the proverbial handshake the building gives to all those who step through the door.


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