4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have Gaming Tables

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In today’s workplaces, trying to keep employees intrinsically motivated and happy can be a challenge. During a recent study, 75% of people reported that they would be more productive if their work was made more game-like. As the gamification of work tasks isn’t an option for most companies, the best solution is the installation of bespoke gaming tables for your workspace. From small start-ups to global corporations such as Google, LinkedIn, and Nike, office managers are increasingly installing games tables to boost productivity.


Here, we have listed just some of the advantages of letting your employees play games:


1. They Boost Morale and Relieve Stress.

Having even as little as a 15-minute daily gaming break can hugely benefit those that work in highly stressful roles. Even the most senior executives are taking time themselves away from the screen in order to feel reinvigorated. Our bespoke gaming furniture can be tailored to your needs, providing all employees the opportunity to reduce stress.


2. Team Relationships are Built.

Social game playing builds relationships between team members, getting people used to working together – particularly in offices with a varied workforce. Once your employees are happy playing together, they’ll be able to collaborate on big projects together more effectively.


3. You can Attract New Talent.

Another major benefit is in attracting and retaining new staff. Having gaming tables in your offices will capture the attention of any potential candidates, making them more likely to apply for roles. Increased applicants of course means that you will have more talent to choose from when advertising jobs.


4. Improved Cognitive Function and Memory.

Regularly playing games such as pool and table football can also have positive psychological effects. Concentration is sharpened and memory is enhanced, resulting in huge benefits to the quality of your employees’ work output.


At Knotty Ash Woodworking, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke gaming tables with longevity that fit in with the surrounding aesthetics of your office and your brand.


For more information on how our gaming tables can help to benefit your business, contact our design team today on 01799 531 202 or email [email protected].

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