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For over 30 years, Knotty Ash Woodworking has been a top choice for making personalised consoles. Our skilled team of experts create consoles for various aviation and transport sectors like Air Traffic Control (ATC), seaports, rail network control centres, and security control rooms. We focus on making strong, comfy, and user-friendly workspaces that are suited to your specifications.

Our team knows the kind of requirements ATC and transport control centres have. Each console we design here at Knotty Ash Woodworking is created to fit and help improve functionality in these busy, often 24/7 environments. Whether it’s managing air traffic, handling seaport activities, or ensuring safe rail operations, our consoles are made to help you do your job well and efficiently.

We take pride in offering consoles that are made to fit your needs. Our team of professionals are able create consoles that work with your specific requirements. However, we also have standard designs that are suited to a range of environments. Our consoles are built to be tough, hard wearing, and long lasting to handle constant use in the control room environment, making sure your investment with us is worthwhile.

In the dynamic settings of aviation and transport control rooms, our monitor wall systems play a pivotal role in providing crucial at-a-glance views. These control rooms serve as nerve centres where split-second decisions can be crucial. These systems are carefully engineered to offer operators immediate access to vital information, allowing rapid responses to ever-changing scenarios.

Alongside our bespoke furniture made to order, we offer a full service from start to finish. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that understand what you need and guarantee the final product fits perfectly and works to your requirements.

To find out more about our extensive range of control room furniture, get in touch on 01799 531 202 or email sales@knottyashwoodworking.com.

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