The Commander Desk Range

Security Furniture: Modular Desk System

The Commander Desk Range

Our Edge Control Desk is designed with optimum control room functionality in mind. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the modular Edge is available with a range of custom options, in either fixed height or with electronic height adjustability. Durable and modern Bio Carbon neutral finishes mean that the Edge is ideally suited to all types of control room environments.

Take a look below at just some of the innovative features of the Edge Control Desk:

Side view of a grey desk with a green backboard, with multiple monitors on top.
Front view photo of a large, L shaped desk with 6 monitors on top of them. There is also a monitor wall mounted behind the desk.
Front view photo of a wide white desk in an office with four monitors and three keyboards on top.
Photograph of an office room filled with bespoke office desks.
Behind view photo of an L shaped bespoke desk in an office room with a green backboard and black empty integrated shelves.
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