How to Care for Radio Studio Furniture

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Investing in radio studio furniture is a big financial commitment for any station, regardless of size or listener-ship, so making sure that it lasts is key to preserving your investment. As manufacturers of high-quality custom radio studio furniture, we only use the very best materials, which ensures that your desk is primed for the long run, at the very beginning of its life. Ensuring that each unique piece lasts, is down to a bit of regular TLC.

Keep it Clean

Radio studio furniture produced by Knotty Ash is made from a combination of wood, veneers and lacquers making it robust against staining and erosion, but it’s only natural that it will encounter the odd spill or scuff over time. The more use the surface of the desk gets, the more eroded it will become and part of fighting this erosion means keeping it clean and free of bacteria and dirt that can ingrain itself into the wood. Use a soft soap solution or a specialised wood cleaner daily, to keep the new shiny look all year round.

Position it Correctly

Like all natural materials, wood is susceptible to discolouration and splitting, particularly when it is repeatedly exposed to bright sunlight or a heat source. We recommend keeping your radio studio furniture away from windows, radiators or heating vents which will prevent the colours from dulling and the external surfaces from weakening. If you can’t avoid keeping it away from a window, using blinds can dramatically reduce the effects of sunlight on the desk.

Restore & Refresh

If your radio studio furniture is over 10 years old, it’s only natural that is may be faded or slightly worn in appearance. Using a natural oil is a quick and effective way of restoring the piece and oils are available in a range of colours to match different types of wood. Simply soak a dry, clean cloth in the oil of your choosing, and rub it all over the wood in circular motions. This will not only make the desk more attractive but will also help to seal it against the elements.

If you need help or advice about how best to care for your Knotty Ash radio studio furniture call our team on 01799 531 202.

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