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It’s no secret that the security industry is a tasking one for employees, with the responsibility of protecting your business and the staff within. Ensuring optimum vigilance means creating an environment that promotes alertness, and utilising a wall monitor system as part of your security furniture can help achieve this.

See the Bigger Picture

Displaying all screens for monitoring on a flat wall allows for more detail than on the typical layout of a computer screen. Spreading an image across multiple screens can help security personnel to see the scene in more detail, observing both the foreground and background with the same level of attention. This security furniture layout could be the difference between spotting and missing an offender and can not only help with the apprehension of a perpetrator but can also provide more valuable evidence in a court case.

Panoramic Performance

The beauty of the Pro Display Monitor Wall System is that screens can be configured in whichever way you see fit, from having a different camera angle on each screen through to creating a 360-degree panoramic picture of the scene to be monitored. This unique feature means that the layout can be altered based on differing requirements, allowing for more in-depth coverage of say an event, while permitting for every day monitoring the rest of the time.

Seamless Integration

You’d be forgiven for thinking that having monitors mounted on a free-standing system as part of your security furniture, would lead to an awful mess off wires and a health and safety nightmare. However, our monitor stack system can incorporate cable tidies, or create bespoke wall monitoring systems to conceal wires, whilst still being easy to access in case of maintenance.

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