Why Height Adjustability is Raising the Bar

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Deciding on the right edit suite furniture for your organisation can be challenging, particularly when there are several different roles with slightly different expectations of the pieces you opt for. As with any industry, it’s important to stay on top of the curve and provide the most up to date technology if you want to generate a good return from your company. One of the most recent pieces of edit suite furniture to rise in popularity is the height adjustable edit desk, which is raising the bar both figuratively and metaphorically.


With the option to alter the height of the digi edit desk system, different users of the system can craft their ideal working environment, inspiring them to complete their job to the best of their ability. Having a poorly laid out workspace can be distracting for staff and can lead to stress and pain throughout the body. With the option to alter the height of our edit suite furniture to the ideal height, staff can quickly and efficiently create comfort using the electronic system.

Evolving Technology

Taking the next step as a business means keeping on top of the latest trends and evolving with the latest technologies at the helm. While still relatively new to the industry, height adjustable edit suite furniture is the very latest in broadcasting desk facilities and will help to elevate your company against competitors. While it may not be as obvious an investment as a new software or camera rig, the quality of the work produced by those utilising the system will be reflected.


Getting your monies worth from your edit suite furniture means making sure that your investment is valuable, so having as many extras as possible will save both time and money. When you choose Knotty Ash Woodworking for your edit desk, we can supply our height adjustable system with edit bays, equipment supports, VTR trays, cable access, keyboard trays, LCD monitor mounts, Monitor stacks and arms and even operator chairs.

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