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When it comes to getting the most out of your edit suite furniture, the most important aspect is to make sure every employee is equipped for their role, so that they can meet deadlines, be creative and ultimately make money for the business. Unfortunately, in the editing industry there is no one size fits all furniture, so it’s necessary to purchase different pieces but the investment will pay dividends in the future.

Edit Desks

Even the most basic editing jobs require at the very least a computer and space for a keyboard, with other roles requiring much more advanced pieces of kit like drawing tablets, cameras and mixing desks. Whatever the basics are, having ample space to store the tools of the trade, make notes and sit comfortably is the top of the list when deciding on the best edit suite furniture. Opting for a desk with a storage solution such as monitor arms, raised monitor shelves or PC housing is the best way to free up valuable counter space and gives editors the freedom to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Control Room Furniture

Live mixing or gallery type roles require more specialised edit suite furniture, as often these employees require larger pieces of equipment to do their job. With multiple aspects to monitor in great detail and PC screens aplenty, these employees will benefit from having a larger countertop space, which they can move freely around should something require their attention. To declutter these often-small areas, it’s a good idea to purchase edit suite furniture that has tilted equipment pods, so that mixing desks can sit flush against the surface of the worktop and be easily reached from a seated position.

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