Broadcast Studio Desks Put You in Control

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The broadcast industry is constantly evolving and to stay on top of the continual change, staying in control of workloads is key. In spite of some developments in technology and production methods, there is one vital piece of equipment that has stood the test of time and will likely continue to do so and that is the broadcast studio desk. Not only do these installations work in every broadcasting environment, but they also play a key role in keeping control of the studio.



Broadcast studio desks are used by nearly every member of staff in the hierarchy from directors & producers to admin staff and graphic designers. The versatility of this vital piece of studio equipment is what has kept it timeless and seen it through years of technological advances. They are quite literally ‘part of the furniture’ and it’s thanks to these items that business, as usual, can continue.


Practical Features

A range of practical features on broadcast studio desks can help to keep thing organised, on track and staff in control. Besides sturdy and aesthetically pleasing installations, Knotty Ash can offer features including raised monitor shelves, equipment bays, keyboard trays, speaker stands, LED lighting monitor arms, chairs & side pedestals to name but a few. Businesses can create a custom broadcast studio desk utilising as many or as few of these features as possible to ensure that they have everything needed to stay in control.


More Control

When it comes to running a tight ship and growing your business, there is no such thing as too much control. Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking, we have stepped up just how much control our customers can have with the addition of height adjustability to many of our broadcast studio desks. By setting the height of the desk’s surface, users can have full freedom to make their workspace as comfortable as possible and can be readjusted to suit different members of staff.

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