Why Use Knotty Ash for Laboratory Desks?

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Laboratories are highly controlled places that require concentration, precision and accuracy to yield the correct results and carry out work safely. Whether you work in a medical lab, science lab or even a school lab, a laboratory desk is one of the most important tools of the trade and should be made with the same concentration, precision and accuracy that you apply to the job every day.


Get the Results You Want

The environment of a laboratory is used to test the theory, disprove the status quo and to develop knowledge, on a huge range of subjects but getting the results your looking for is not always a given. Fortunately, the same is not true of Knotty Ash’s laboratory desks as their unique design means they can always be relied upon. With a load-bearing ability of up to 320 KG architecture to be evenly distributed across the desk’s surface, these desks won’t buckle under pressure. Our design also incorporates height adjustability, meaning different users can change the height of the desk to suit whatever it is they’re doing at the time, which can be particularly useful for microscope use.


Fantastic Features

Aside from the height adjustability and load distribution, there is a range of features on our laboratory desk that makes them well suited to the lab environment. All of them come as standard with an 8-gang power supply unit at the rear of the desk for electronic equipment to be plugged into, neatly and discreetly. The cable trough at the back of the desk also helps to conceal wiring and ensure that there are no loose wires creating trip hazards. There is also a memory function control switch that allows users to set their height preference at the touch of the button.


For more information about our laboratory desks, call our team on 01799 531 202.

Height Adjustable Laboratory Desk

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