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Every business knows the difficulties of trying to stand out from the crowd and forging a reputation of originality. Being unique pays off in the business sphere, helping people to easily recognise your brand, relate to your products or service and attracting top talent to work for you. Alas, being unique takes work and needs to be instilled right from the very core of your business but embracing bespoke counters is a good start!


Be Bold

An essential part of getting your business recognised is to put yourself out there and be bold, creating a reputation for your company that shows fearlessness, courage and credibility. When designing your bespoke counter, you can build it using the very same ethos, choosing bright colours, obscure designs or by emblazoning it with your logo. The possibilities are endless and by ensuring furniture installations reflect core business values, will help to motivate your staff, reinforce your strengths and make for a more cohesive brand generally.


Choose Quality

Even if you want to project an image of being a brave and bold business, you don’t have to take risks with the quality of your bespoke counters. Opting for a trusted and reputable supplier will not only show the responsible side of your business but will also pay dividends in the long run when compared with cheaper, off the shelf installations. Everyone is familiar with the frustrations of a squeaky chair, rattling desk and ill-fitting parts, but when you select an experienced supplier to craft your bespoke counters, these issues simply don’t arise.


Go Green

Environmental friendliness isn’t just a buzz word anymore but is a deal-breaker for many potential customers. With mounting pressure on businesses to be kind to the environment and conscious of their carbon footprint, it’s important to use responsibly sourced materials in your bespoke counters. Knotty Ash Woodworking are FSC certified, using wood for sustainable and environmentally sound forests, so you can rest assured that you’re meeting the criteria of being a green first company.

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