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Making new year’s resolutions doesn’t just have to be about being a better person, businesses can make amends and improve the workspace for employees which will, in turn, benefit the company as a whole. One of the quickest ways to improve company statistics is the listen to the concerns of your workforce and make any changes that will allow them to do their job more effectively – like making room for media desks!


Better Equipped

For media organisations, there is a lot of technology to be relied on, whether its graphic tablets, editing software or even cameras these tools of the trade can take up enormous amounts of space. Media desks are appropriately equipped with the necessary storage, from draws beneath the desk surface through to raised equipment bays and even monitor shelves. By utilising all available options, staff with a media desk are never without the equipment they need to get the job done, improving productivity and freeing up space for the creative process to flourish in.


Eyes on the Prize

The media industry is an extremely visual one that relies on attention to detail and perfectionism to make the end results as great as possible. Whether it’s TV, advertising, designing or marketing, having an easily accessible view of the work being completed is key to picking up on subtleties that make all the difference. Our media desks have a raised monitor shelf across the back of the desk, allowing for a clear, unobstructed view. The curve of the desks allows multiple spectators to see with ease, making review processes easier to carry out. What’s more, our monitor wall installations can hang multiple screens on a wall surface, so that every angle can be seen, eliminating the likelihood of errors!

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