Where to Install Bespoke Counters

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When it comes to a bespoke counter, many businesses are often on the fence about where to position these stand out installations within their premises. With many choosing to emblazon desks with their logo, they want it to stand proud in an eye-catching position for maximum branding and subliminal marketing but where is best to position these bespoke desks? Our team have been designing, building and installing these counters for over 30 years and have some great pointers on where to put yours.


Reception Area

If a company is found in a complex style building with many businesses inside of, it’s a wise move to put your bespoke counter in the reception area. This is particularly useful if the name or logo is on the desk as guests are likely to have seen this in the lobby and it gives them a point of reference when navigating the building. Not to mention it reinforces a brand, creates an impression of professionalism and influences opinions before someone has even stepped over the threshold!



Businesses that regularly hold meeting both internally and with stakeholders, may benefit from installing a bespoke counter in the boardroom. No matter what the design, the placement of a standout piece of furniture in the boardroom shows that a company means business and presents a unique opportunity for businesses to be playful in the image they want to project. Companies can afford to make this space a creative one and employ a playful or reconfigurable design suitable for different purposes, which will help ideas to generate and business to be done.


In the Office

Some bespoke counters are best employed on the front line, amongst the employees who keep the business running. This is often the case when a desk has been designed to the unique needs of a specific role within the company such as a security team member, video editor or a laboratory technician as often there are unique features, they require to perform their job optimally.

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