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Roles in editing media span across a number of sectors and gone are the days where video editing furniture was reserved for Hollywood and broadcasting bigwigs. With the globalisation of marketing and the boom of the digital era, many businesses now make use of a video editor in some capacity, whether employed as a fulltime employee who films recruitment training videos or on a more ad-hoc basis for filming company events. Getting the most out of editing staff relies on developing a workplace that allows them to be creative as well as providing them with the practical features that help them technically, so choosing the best video editing furniture is a must.


Spacious Settings

Editors have a lot of equipment to work with and even smaller setups need to have space for importing equipment, colour grading panels, keyboards and one or more screens. With all of this needed at the fingertips of an editor, video editing furniture needs to offer spacious surroundings to display all of the vital gear. The desk should have enough of a workspace area that nothing feels cluttered so that editors are comfortable but never too far from the tools of their trade.



With all that equipment, it’s easy for the editing bay to fall into disarray. Everybody knows that mess and untidiness can be distracting and stressful and so keeping this to a minimum is key. Video editing furniture should come with a range of clever storage solutions that eliminates unsightly tangles of wires or cluttered surfaces. Monitor shelves, keyboard trays and cable tidies can all be built into a desk to hide equipment when not in use and make it easily accessible when necessary without having to install an enormous desk.


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