The Best Set Up for Security Furniture

control room centre with bespoke security furniture

For enterprise customers, a surveillance control room seems to be a more viable option than ever before, with new technology such as CCTV being sold more widely and professional setups easy to set up. New technology allows businesses to keep their finger on the pulse, using a combination of CCTV, access control and vehicle tracking […]

Productivity and Ergonomic Media Desks

Commander Desk System front view

Working at a media desk often requires long hours of looking at a screen, working in teams huddled around a desk and can be stressful in the run-up to deadlines. All of these issues combined can result in poor posture which is not only harmful to employee health but can also negatively impact productivity levels […]

Practical Video Editing Furniture Solutions

custom broadcast furniture with monitors and editing software

Roles in editing media span across a number of sectors and gone are the days where video editing furniture was reserved for Hollywood and broadcasting bigwigs. With the globalisation of marketing and the boom of the digital era, many businesses now make use of a video editor in some capacity, whether employed as a fulltime […]