The Best Set Up for Security Furniture

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For enterprise customers, a surveillance control room seems to be a more viable option than ever before, with new technology such as CCTV being sold more widely and professional setups easy to set up. New technology allows businesses to keep their finger on the pulse, using a combination of CCTV, access control and vehicle tracking to keep companies safe. Without suitable security furniture for the control room, all of this technology is meaningless and ensuring a comfortable area for employees to work is key to overall functionality.

Size Matters

Many clients underestimate just how much space is needed to the kind of surveillance control room they are specifying. While it may be a large room, once packed with monitors, staff members and workstations, it can quickly turn into a cluttered space with no room for manoeuvring. It’s for this reason that it is important to make use of space-saving solutions which free up space for staff to move around and see the whole picture with ease. Our media wall security furniture system elevates monitors and uses wall space as opposed to floor space and so is a good option for smaller control rooms.

Keep Line of Sights Clear

Surveillance and control rooms don’t just rely on high-end technology, they need reliable, quick reacting staff who can seamlessly work together and see what they need to at all times. Personnel in surveillance control rooms may find themselves looking at monitors regularly so lines of sight need to remain clear. Employing security furniture that has raised monitor shelves at each workstation can help employees to stay on the beat without bobbing heads or long distances inhibiting their reaction times.

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