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The retail sector is, unfortunately, one of the most targeted for theft, with shoplifting one of the most common crimes committed. Whether it’s a hopping complex or a single store, having the correct security furniture can greatly increase your chances of catching perpetrators or even preventing theft in the first place. If you aren’t sure how you can employ security furniture to tackle theft at your business, read on for some tried and tested tips from our experts.

In a Back Room

Larger shops or complexes may be lucky enough to employ full-time security staff, or at the very least have a dedicated room for surveillance. In these instances, a security desk allows for the appropriate staff members to see the shop floor through CCTV cameras and have control over the network if there is more than one camera. The security furniture should have ample counter space, raised monitor shelves and a configuration of screens that is easy to see, large enough to zoom in on and set up with a chair that is a suitable height, width and size for the maximum comfort of staff.

Behind the Till

Many small retail establishment owners do not have space or funds for a full-time staff member to monitor incoming feeds, but this doesn’t mean security should be abandoned. Instead, CCTV cameras should be installed with the stream visible from behind the till, or wherever a person is stood in the shop, most of the time. This means that staff can monitor feeds while doing other aspects of their job, and it actually acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves, knowing they can be seen and even being able to see themselves on the monitors. The best option for these installations is a monitor wall rack, allowing shops to hang screens on a wall for optimum vigilance.

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