Styling a Home Media Desk

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With much of the UK working from home many have had to adapt their living room into a makeshift workspace. Working in the technical jobs, this is a much starker learning curve than in other industries with lots of equipment to integrate as well as learning to operate at a distance. Whether it’s movie editing, gallery working or a photography role, a home media desk needs to be able to accommodate the complexities of these roles.

Use Space Wisely

While not every worker will have the ability to spread the tools of their trade across a large desk that takes up tonnes of space, it is still important that access to equipment is available. With tablets, mixing desks, grids and monitors to support, home media desks should make clever use of space where possible. Create different ‘heights’ within your make shift desk that allows different pieces to be spread across different levels. This will make all devices easily reached, but without taking up enormous amounts of space.

Sit Correctly

Well made media desks that are found in professional settings are developed to support the posture of the user, ensuring comfort, attention to detail and overall wellbeing is maintained. At home, it is key to replicate these conditions opting for a desk that is at a comfortable height, choosing a chair that compliments and upright sitting position and supports the back and ensuring that monitors are at eye level. Not only will this minimise strain on the body, but it will ensure focus and help tasks to be completed in a good time frame.

Go Professional

If you’re considering working from home in the future or would like to invest is an appropriate media desk to make your current situation more hospitable, then Knotty Ash Woodworking can help. We can supply a range of flat pack media desks in a variety of sizes, that are tailored to the unique needs of the industry. For more information, visit our broadcast range here.

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