Do I Need Security Desks?

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Security desks used to be an installation reserved for those who had security staff, but in today’s digital world, security means much more than patrolling territory for threats. While many establishments do still rely on physical security to arm themselves against theft or damage, threats can present themselves over the internet, in the forms of data breaches or mishandling of information, which is something that could affect any business with an internet connection. So, do you need security furniture?

CCTV Monitoring

Businesses that rely on a CCTV feed to protect their property, staff and assets require security furniture, to support the monitors that present the incoming feeds and any CCTV manoeuvring equipment. Even if you have a single camera, a desk is needed for live monitoring and to store any recorded footage that needs to be kept on record. Security desks with raised monitor shelves, under counter storage and ample desk space, are best for these sorts of applications and allow security staff optimum comfort and control over their workspace.

IT and Office Applications

IT and companies that work digitally almost certainly require security desks. Although they may not need the same features like raised monitor shelves to monitor incoming feeds, modern computers hold lots of data about customers, clients, shareholders and anyone involved in the business, which needs to be safely stored and protected. While most of this is placed in servers, there needs to be a security desk that can support computers and operations to ensure this is achieved.

Traffic Control

Security feed incoming to a business may not always be from CCTV or audio sources and instead could be radar systems, such as in an air traffic control tower. These places not only monitor the sky for unidentified objects but help to keep pilots and civilians safe by directing air traffic safely around obstacles and each other. Security desks in this instance can require raised monitor shelves, equipment bays and height adjustability.

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