Custom Desks for The New Year

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The end of the year is nigh and while we’re always hesitant to mention the ‘C’ word, the new year is impending and after such a tumultuous 2020 for many businesses, many are looking forward to this fresh start. While workplace normalcy is not likely to resume in 2021, that doesn’t mean that companies can’t set goals or refresh their outlook in preparation for the new year and part of that could mean investing in some custom desks. Whether you want to improve productivity, increase safety or just want to boost morale, a custom desk can help.

Improve Safety

Whether your company has already returned to the office or is holding off when the workforce return most companies are going to have to take steps to improve staff safety. This responsibility only increases if a company has customers coming into the premises as measures must be taken to keep these people safe too. A custom desk by Knotty Ash Woodworking can help businesses to improve safety, by creating a physical barrier between people. Whether this is at a reception area where guests sign in, or between employees where meetings take place, we can style desks that keep a safe distance. Additionally, we are able to attach screens and create bank teller style desks, for those looking for an extra layer of security.

Improve Productivity

By investing in a custom desk and taking measures to improve safety, this shows the workforce that you’re committed to their wellbeing and that you’ve invested in the company too. They are then likely to feel appreciated, protected and boosted in morale, which can help with every element of business from greeting customers to negotiating with stakeholders. Couple this with having a refreshed workspace and refreshed new year mindset and your company can look forward to improved output.

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