Signs You Need New Video Editing Furniture

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Video editing furniture changes quickly to keep up with ever changing landscape of the media, with new technology, new processes and new legislation constantly emerging. Whether you’re a solo video editor who works on a freelance basis from a home studio or a full time professional working for a well-known broadcaster, having the correct video editing furniture can set you up for success! While you might be happy with the set up you have at present, there are a few tell-tale signs that it might be time to upgrade your video editing furniture.

Crowded Spaces

If the workspaces are growing more and more crowded, with more people requiring access to video editing furniture, then this is almost definitely a sign that you’re in need of more video editing furniture. With more and more specialist roles emerging in the digital media field, workspaces become more in demand and for optimum output, each role will require a station that is set up to the unique specifics of their role. For example, a colour grader will need space for a colour pad, while a video editor will need space for importing technology.

No Modern Features

As technology progresses and roles emerge, they come with new processes, health and safety rules and guidelines for use. With more and more roles comes more and more people with different needs and so if your video editing furniture lacks modern adjustability features, then it may be time to upgrade. Features like height adjustability, adjustable lighting and keyboard trays may seem unimportant but they allow a certain level of flexibility, allowing different team members to style their workspaces to their own comfort.

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