Choosing The Right Boardroom Table for your Office

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When it comes to the boardroom, a key place for strategic planning and decision making, the space is integral and important to the business’s success. Your conference table should make the right impression to clients, contacts and creatives and provide a comfortable space for those using it. Crafting custom boardroom tables for over 30 years, Knotty Ash Woodworking can craft a range of designs that are bespoke to a business and reflect the values and processes that make the company work.


Consider The Space

During the initial design phase of a custom boardroom table, it is important to consider the space. A desk that is too small or too big for its location can contribute to leaving a negative first impression as it may make visitors feel uneasy and impose on the practicality of the space. Bigger tables allow more people to sit around them but it’s important that there is also enough room for some chairs to be pushed away when not in use, to accommodate more intimate conversations between smaller groups. Additionally, the table should have a clear perimeter that allows people to walk around it and should be spacious enough for conferencing equipment like projectors and screens.



The size of a custom boardroom table isn’t just a practical factor but am aesthetic one too. It is essential that the desk is proportionate to the room, other furniture and the shape and layout of the space. Ensure that the table is well fitting and that it lines up nicely with the chair height you intend to supply, so that when sat around the desk people can comfortably tuck in without feeling cramped or banging their knees. The table should also complement any other furniture in the room, mimicking things like straight lines, curves or layouts that are pre-existing in the space.

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