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Technical furniture can be used to describe many installations and is usually referencing desks that have been styled in a way that makes them more accommodating to technical roles. Positions like graphics editors, sound mixers and directors need specially formulated desks to hold equipment and help create a streamlined work station. With more and more industries relying on staff working from home though, technical infrastructure has had to increase meaning technical furniture is required beyond the broadcasting industry.


Who Can Benefit?

In today’s modern and digital lead world, almost any industry can make use of technical furniture. With software and hardware increasing in offices whether it’s more computers, larger servers or specialist equipment like mixing desks, a digital expansion often calls for more furniture solutions. The average desk can support computers and phones easily, but technical furniture can hold them in a way that is more conducive to working conditions, either by raising monitors, having a separate space for keyboard trays or including built-in speaker stands. By having a more optimal layout, employees are able to better do their jobs, boost their output and increase their productivity.


Beyond Computers

The same is true of technical furniture that supports ore technical roles and Knotty Ash Woodworking can utilise a range of features to support more advanced pieces of kit. We can build into the desk a number of equipment bays, angled in necessary so that those using them can be seated comfortably while using them and have full access to all the controls they need. Another way we can provide a more workable environment is by tailoring a variety of storage solutions to hold equipment when not in use. Under desk draws, vinyl trays storage bays can be crafted as part of a technical furniture installation.

Commander Desk System inside command centre

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