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Our custom desk service is renowned for giving businesses the freedom to design desks that are tailored to the specific needs of their company, making for an incredibly cost effective and functional installation. When it comes to creating a custom desk, some businesses are not sure what features they can have or which of these would be most applicable to their requirements, so we’ve put together a brief explanation of all that Knotty Ash offer. All of our custom desk features can be combined in any way to ensure businesses get the most out of their installation.


Timber Finishes

All of our desks are made from wood and wood veneer which means we can provide a variety of finishes and colours. This includes the desk surface as well as the legs and any storage units or equipment bays.


Equipment Bays

These can be installed to hold mixing desks, tablets, keyboards, monitors or any sort of control features that require a fixed position.


Side Pedestals

Our custom desks can be designed with a number of side pedestals or connecting consoles allowing for reconfiguration when smaller or larger workspaces are required. These can be commonly used for additional monitors or electronic equipment and can themselves feature equipment bays and keyboards trays.

Cable Containment Bays

These can be installed anywhere on the counter and are used to keep a neat and tidy appearance in areas where there are lots of wires that need to be safely concealed.


Height Adjustability

One of the more modern features, our custom desks can feature power assisted high adjustability software allowing users to create a comfortable environment tailored to them. This feature also has a memory function so that pre-set heights are just the touch of a button away.


To get started on your custom desk design just call us on 01799 531 202.

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