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In the broadcasting industry, the technology of the trade is valuable both literally and figuratively. Rolling news, television specials, radio shows and even advertorials can’t run without the expensive top of the range computers, mixing desks, colour graders and recording equipment, but what is also often overlooked is the edit room fit out. Just as important as all this equipment is the desks and units that house it, as it’s these pieces of kit that make an edit room fit out well laid out and accessible. Now that many professionals in the industry are working from home, we’ve examined how to formulate an edit room in the home.


Get a Good Desk

Having a good desk that can comfortably store all your equipment is key to maximising your workload from home, but for many their living quarters don’t always allow for larger installations. When creating an at home edit room fit out, we recommend using different height levels to practically store equipment, without taking up floor space. Positioning monitors on a raised shelf, keyboards and mice on a keyboard tray and notepads and pens in under desk draws can drastically improve the space available on the desktop, making way for any larger more specialist pieces of kit.


Sit Properly

While it might be tempting to sit on the sofa hunched over a laptop, this environment is not conducive to productive working or for a well laid out edit room fit out. Sitting at a desk not only allows more room for equipment but also promotes productivity by encouraging professionalism and supporting comfort. In order to avoid injuries and particularly back pain, it’s important to sit on an ergonomic chair, with any screens positioned at eye level, with your elbows and legs both at 90-degree angles.


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