Do I Need a Pro Display Monitor Wall System?

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The advancement of technology has helped to propel security desks forward into the twenty-first century while simplifying the task at hand, as savvy ways of working are devised and revised continuously. At Knotty Ash Woodworking, we have over 30 years of experience in producing ergonomic technical furniture to provide your business with sustainable solutions.


What is a Pro Display Monitor Wall System?

It is a security furniture system that is comprised of black steel strengthening components and lightweight, clear anodised aluminium extrusion. What does this allow it to do? It can support a range of LCD and plasma displays for the security sector. At the rear of the system lies full cable finger trunking for the purpose of establishing neat and simple wiring connections to the monitors.

The primary purpose of a Pro Display Monitor Wall System is to optimise the visuals of any incoming feeds by granting you instant access to a greater level of detail and facilitating smaller images to be expanded in clearer view, just above eye level. This prevents any straining on behalf of your security staff and enables them to see any unusual activity due to the clarity with which they can survey footage.


Protecting the Wellbeing of your Security Staff

The facilities you provide for your security staff to carry out their duties effectively is imperative to sustained success but given the long hours of security operations, their wellbeing must be prioritised too.

In the UK, there were 1.6 million workers suffering from work-related ill health (both new and chronic) in the period of 2019/20. Common complaints from staff occur when they encounter injuries resulting from poor posture, eye, and neck strain. Given these risks, the Pro Display Monitor Wall System circumnavigates work-related injuries due to the width and innovative display of the screens.


Easy Configuration

Another benefit of the Pro Display Monitor Wall System is the simplicity of the configuration. Create a portable security station, fit it against a flat wall, create a wrap-around design or mount the security desks to form curved views with staggered monitors: we have given you options so you can create the most appropriate configuration for your surroundings and security needs.


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