Why Custom Consoles are the Future

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At present, custom consoles are normally categorised as being of high importance in specific industries with unique demands. That opinion is correct, since our team are able to create custom console furniture tailored individually to your environment, and areas such as broadcasting, or medicine are more likely to have bespoke requirements. Workspaces are changing however, and the benefits of custom consoles are being discovered by a growing number of employers and employees alike. In a modern world where technological advancement is proceeding steadily, how long will it be before custom consoles are considered as the new normal?


The primary purpose of custom console furniture is to maximum the efficiency of daily operations. By hiring experts such as ourselves to design, manufacture and install bespoke furniture, your workspace is transformed into a purpose-built environment. This is motivating for staff and appealing to your guests, with the subsequent result being a motivated workforce and streamlined productivity.


The beauty of choosing Knotty Ash Woodworking LTD is that we have decades of experience in creating bespoke furniture and therefore we can formulate a design based on your brief should you request our expertise to be utilised for you. Alternatively, if you come to us with a design brief, our conscientious team will be able to manufacture custom console furniture that functions and feels exactly as desired, with attention to detail given to every request. Committed to customer satisfaction, a close working relationship is cultivated with you to ensure you are fully heard and understood, and your furniture looks exactly as you envisioned it would. Before the build begins, our team use a 3D CAD visualisation system so you can view the finished product and make any amendments you deem necessary.


Custom consoles will only rise in demand and normality as the years continue to bring with them a progression in technological usage being required for a growing number of jobs. Stay ahead of the curve with our multi-featured custom consoles, where you can choose the number and style of your equipment bays, VTR trays, monitor shelves and so much more.


For more information about our custom console furniture, please contact a member of our team today.

custom radio studio furniture for Global Capital Radio Studio

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