BioCarbon Neutral Materials & Your Radio Studio Furniture

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The broadcasting industry is multi-faceted in its operation and layered in its workforce. Many components are fused together to create a functional radio studio environment and that means there are several working demands occurring simultaneously. Fortunately, our expertise in providing bespoke radio studio furniture to an exceedingly high standard equips us with first-hand knowledge of your requirements, in addition to being able to facilitate optimised workflow.


To codify our commitment to sustainability, we use Bio Carbon neutral materials in the construction of our desks and that empowers you with a reduction in your carbon footprint. Modern businesses – and especially those with a public-facing operational element as a significant part of their duties, need to ensure they are at the forefront of eco-friendly practices.


As you may have gathered, this is not just something we preach but we are following from example and in the obtainment of our desks, we are empowering you to do the same. COP26 has been a particular focus of the news recently but the pledges in place will only amplify in the coming months and years, with businesses acting responsibly transforming from a low-commitment option to a non-negotiable necessity. We understand that for your brand representation, you want to be able to say you make environmentally friendly choices because you have integrity and therefore you began before stricter measures were put in place.


As we create desks using Bio Carbon neutral materials, you can confidently claim you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint. Commonplace construction materials purported to contain nearly 70% of the carbon footprint of a building, so choosing the experts at Knotty Ash to supply your radio studio furniture enables you to bypass this climate-costly mistake.


While we are proficient in delivering high-quality, bespoke radio studio renovations, we are also just as adept at delivering a premium service for individual requests, such as ergonomic desks requested for individual purposes like interviews. Our in-house design team have years of experience in designing quality radio studio furniture that is both attractive in design and advantageous in functionality, both on and off-air.


Not only can we offer our signature, high quality desks to you for the purpose of maximising productivity, but we also supply comfortable and aesthetic broadcast studio chairs that are designed to withstand the long hours involved in the often-high-pressure environment of broadcasting. Live recording, sound mixing, interviewing and more is all streamlined with our broad range of radio studio furniture that includes:


· Acoustic racks

· Voice-over tables

· 19” rack bays

· Acoustic interview tables

· Media storage units


We have designed a range of popular media edit desks, control desks and more with fully interchangeable components that are used by many forward-thinking radio studios across the UK. In fact, we are trusted to supply radio studio furniture for some of the biggest names in the broadcasting industry, from Capital FM to Radio X and beyond.


Call 01799 531202 for more information on our radio studio furniture, or use our website to contact a member of our team at your earliest convenience and we will respond promptly.

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