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Custom furniture is integral to facilitating an efficient operation, boosting visitor perception and the ease of working. We have decades of experience in manufacturing custom broadcast studio furniture that we design specifically for radio and broadcasting purposes. Our in-house design team and all of us here at Knotty Ash Woodworking understand the demands of the environment but we also work collaboratively with you in-line with your specific brief.


Broadcast studio furniture is a broad term but encompassed within this category includes installations such as radio desks edit desks, media desks, edit room fit outs and more on our website. Our media edit desk range is also particularly popular for the way it functions to provide an ergonomic yet aesthetic workspace and we are proud to say we are using Bio Carbon neutral materials as part of our commitment to sustainability. We are well-positioned to renovate your studio as we completed office fit-out projects for NBC London as recently as 2018 to great success.


Since we have over 30 years of experience, our talented team can be trusted to intrinsically understand how the installations need to function more than less experienced manufacturers. To have this knowledge already accumulated alongside the skills needed to apply it to your exact preference is invaluable in delivering a fast turnaround, high quality service.


Not shy of showing you our prowess, we have the capability to show you a 3D visualisation of your broadcast studio furniture before our team build it. That way, you can be certain the end result looks exactly as you pictured it to look while inspecting every detail ahead of time.


If you would like any more information about how we can renovate your studio with our custom broadcast studio furniture, please contact a member of our team at your earliest convenience and we will respond promptly.

radio studio with custom furniture and LED lighting

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