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Innovation is certainly a word you could attribute to how we approach the manufacture of media edit desks at Knotty Ash Woodworking Ltd. Not least because we have such an impressive variety on offer, but due to the set features and customisation opportunities available with each one. Today we will be focusing on the Media Edit GRAND desk system and what it can do for you.


Designed to function in graphics, postproduction suites, control rooms and other media installations, this incarnation of our media edit desks is built for versatility. There is enough seating for three operators alongside whichever pieces of extra equipment, monitors and screens are needed to get the job done.


Spacious by design, there is enough room for a team to work together cohesively on any project that needs completion with the 3M long work surface. It mirrors the standard media edit desk in its range of showstopping features but it is much larger in size to accommodate a more expansive workforce. One of the main focal points in mind in creating the media edit GRAND desk was to allow for people doing different jobs to work collaboratively without clutter as we know this is a primary focus for our customers too. The monitor shelves are raised above you at a high enough level that they won’t interfere with your tasks, and there are cable tidies and computer bays to allow for separation while still being able to communicate clearly: we are proud of the seamless integration style we have enabled.


As you can tell, our media edit desks are not just made for one purpose only – we see the bigger picture. The small details are still considered however, so tidy cable management routes run through the desk to optimise the wiring and any equipment maintenance. There are a number of options for you to peruse too, as detailed on the dedicated webpage because as mentioned prior, versatility is a major part of what makes the media edit GRAND desk system so great.


Our decades of manufacturing experience enable us to give you more aesthetic options than you can get elsewhere too, so choose from a range of timber finishes to find the one you like most.


If you would like any more information about how we can renovate your studio with our Media Edit Desks, please contact a member of our team at your earliest convenience and we will respond promptly.

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