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Sustainability is the top priority of every business, individual and household in the current climate. More measures are increasingly being put in place to help protect the planet and the benefits of showcasing your environmental commitment are numerous. Our broadcast console furniture is not only expertly designed with a range of configurations, but it is made using Bio Carbon neutral materials as part of our own sustainability commitment.


The broadcasting sector is far-ranging and brand representation is important to your longevity as you have to make sure every decision you make is in-line with the kind of image you want to present. Nowadays, making eco-friendly choices has transformed from a liberal idea to a necessity from both the perspective of the eco-conscious younger generations (millennials and generation z) and the rest of society in a world beset by the temperamental effects of climate change. Any visitors to your studio will know the feel of high-quality broadcast console furniture by both the ergonomic features (such as height adjustability and equipment bays) to the real wood timber veneered work surface.


As ever, we work in accordance with your design specification, so the exact timber finish you receive will match your colour scheme (or clash to add a pop of colour) and you are able to view a preview of the finished product before it comes into fruition. Bespoke broadcast furniture with fantastic features and sustainable materials that provide durability are a speciality of ours at Knotty Ash, and the best part is you need only relay your specifications to our talented team. The rest is left in our capable hands.


For more information on how our broadcast console furniture is made using sustainable processes to accommodate the non-stop broadcasting environment and its particular demands, please get in touch with a member of the team today.

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