Why Choose Custom Broadcast Furniture?

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The demands of the broadcasting industry are vast. A fast-paced industry accommodating additional guests and requiring a laser focus on the job at hand carries with it a need for ergonomic, custom broadcast furniture. The demands of your specific broadcasting environment are known best by you, and that’s why our team of craftsmen work according to your design brief while implementing the innovative features our reputation has been built on.


What do we have to offer? Media desks, radio desks edit desks, edit room fit outs and more that have all been designed with comfort and practicality in mind. Height adjustability is a prominent feature of our custom broadcast furniture as creating a comfortable, ergonomic environment where your wellbeing is protected allows you to be more productive as your furniture fits around you.


A Green Future


All the materials we use are sustainably sourced. This is important to your reputation as custom broadcast furniture that is made with eco-friendly materials reflects an image of a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible broadcasting team. We also believe all businesses will be required to account for their environmental impact in every decision they make, so making eco-conscious choices now will protect you for the future.


One of the most notable reasons why custom broadcast furniture can benefit you is that it will set you apart from any other broadcasting environment, particularly in surrounding areas. If most people source their broadcast furniture from huge chains with no thought to the individuals working there, it will look uniform. You have the advantage of choosing materials, colour schemes and designs that suit your team and represent the right image.


Our emphasis on choice is pertinent because while our team have utilised their years of expertise manufacturing for 24/7 environments to create furniture likely to appeal to you, additional features and customisation is still an option! This means you benefit from the designs of expert teams while taking advantage of the Knotty Ash commitment to individually tailored services.


All furniture is created according to your specific brief and you are a key part of the process. Start the conversation with our team today.

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