Why Reception Desks Matter More Than You Think

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We have designed custom desks for several decades. While the 1990s may seem like a recent segment of history, the significance of the Knotty Ash team having started their manufacturing journey in this decade denotes a level of experience you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. From broadcast studio desks to security furniture all the way through to custom reception desks, our craftsmanship is multi-faceted and of the highest quality. Here are a few of our expert tips for getting the custom reception desks your business would benefit highly from.


Acknowledge Current Trends


To reference the late twentieth century again, the requirements of a building have changed drastically since the digital boom of the 1990s. Computer systems were once bulky and required space for a keyboard, mouse and a huge hard drive. Nowadays, computers are more compact and laptops are more commonplace where technology is required – even in a reception desk area. Perhaps in part due to the visual aspect factoring in so highly in the widespread use of social media however, the importance of aesthetics has evolved from a business perspective. Where once it was assumed that a technical industry would attract customers and potential employers who pay no attention to the way the environment looks, gender stereotypes have lessened in credence and the importance of reflecting your brand has been bolstered.


A Material World


Fortunately, our variety of materials is so vast we can give our informed advice on which material is the most fitting for your industry and the kind of image you want to instantly portray in the form of custom reception desks. In fact, we offer a full design package that empowers you with everything from visuals to material ideas such as metal, stonework or classic wood materials included.


Go Green


Since we live in an eco-conscious world, often the use of sustainably sourced materials effortlessly conveys a brand image of a team that portrays a conscientious, down-to-earth approach to the work you do. We only use sustainably sourced materials and bio carbon neutral materials are involved in the construction of our desks to add even more green credentials to the first port-of-call your visitors see as they step through your doors.


For more information on how our custom reception desks can benefit you, contact our team today.

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