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The security team are on the most underrated aspects of successfully running a business while protecting both the people and assets within the building. Without protection from both internal and external threats, you cannot safely do your job. That’s why meeting the needs of your security staff is so necessary to continuing to operate. Since a position within security usually involves sitting down with full concentration for prolonged periods of time, ergonomic security console furniture that streamlines their daily duties is highly impactful in retaining top talent.


CCTV became a huge help in having the correct security procedures in place but these need to be set up optimally for staff to see all the details as clearly and comfortably as they can. Our Pro Display Monitor Wall System enables this as it can be configured to fit against a wall at the right eye height for your office design, plus there will be no distractions in the form of wires as the connections are neat. Our security console furniture is designed to enlarge small details so they can be seen clearly, without your staff having to strain or compromise their eye health.


Eye, neck, and back strain are very real injury problems incurred in sedentary positions – especially in positions that involve a lot of screen time. Our security console furniture is always tailored to the most optimal positions according to your environment, so your staff remain protected and the design of your workplace stays consistent with any pre-existing furniture.


If you would like to find out more about how our tailored security furniture can empower your workplace, please contact a member of the team today.

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