3 Ways Furniture Can Prevent Office Fatigue

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As workers and office return to the workplace, it’s important to make sure that your staff feel valued and happy in their environment. Fighting office fatigue is an essential aspect to this, and is crucial to if you want your team to work at their optimum level. Although lack of sleep may be one of the leading causes of tiredness on the job, the wrong office environment only magnifies the situation. At Knotty Ash Woodworking, we design and build custom office furniture that can be instrumental in keeping your team on top form, both in their wellbeing and comfort. Here, we’ve listed three ways that the right furniture can fight office fatigue:


1. Keep Equipment Within Reach.


When your monitors, keyboards, and equipment can’t be easily accessed can cause muscle strain and fatigue, from employees having to strain their necks or reach across their desk. To combat this combats this fatigue-inducing motion, choose furniture where equipment is integrated and easy to access. Our range of custom consoles can even be made adjustable, to suit individual needs. This should result in your employees developing a more efficient work rate, as everything is within reach.


2. Increase the Fun Factor


Having fulfilling mental downtime is a key aspect of reducing office fatigue. Here at Knotty Ash, we offer our ergonomically designed gaming tables, to give your staff some well-deserved play time. With a range of customisable options available, including pull out seating and LED lights, you can allow your employees to blow off steam and recharge their batteries.


3. Choose Ergonomic Office Chairs


Most people would agree that there is nothing worse than a sore back at the end of every working day. After repeatedly sitting in the same position, strain can be put on the lower back, which then impacts on work performance. To solve this issue, it’s vital that your team have the right ergonomic chairs with lumbar support. In addition to our custom furniture, Knotty Ash can also supply premium office chairs that provide comfort and match the aesthetic of your office.


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After over 30 years of business, we’re used to working with offices within a range of sectors, to understand their needs. For more information about how we can create custom office furniture that prevents fatigue for your employees, contact our expert team today. Call 01799 531202, or email sales@knottyashwoodworking.com.

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