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Placing fun at the centre of the workplace isn’t always at the forefront of most business leaders’ minds. But it’s a fact that happier employees are more productive – so the importance of having fun at work can no longer be overlooked. Spending time thinking about making your office or workplace a more enjoyable place to be for your employees can have huge benefits for your company. An easy way that this can be achieved is the installation of bespoke gaming tables in your workspace, which we are pleased to offer here at Knotty Ash Woodworking. Our gaming tables are designed to boost the fun factor in your office, and bring your employees together.


Increase Communication and Creativity


Not only does having fun increase productivity of your employees, it can also significantly improve communication and cohesion within your company. With one of our custom gaming tables, individuals from all levels of the workplace can relax and have fun together, which in turn promotes open discussion and friendship. These stronger bonds can enable people to communicate more efficiently, and work better together. This can create a real buzz within your office, with more enthusiastic and energetic colleagues. Additionally, the energy that installing a gaming table creates within your employees can also aid creativity, as ‘playtime’ increases our ability to problem solve and think imaginatively.


Adaptable Office Gaming Tables


Once you have opted to install one of our custom gaming tables into your workspace, our expert design team can begin to consider your unique specifications. LED lights can be incorporated into your gaming table, to create the right ambience and mood for casual socialising. Looking for a gaming table that can also be easily adapted into a boardroom table or desk? We can create an adaptable table that fits your brief, including chairs that can be stored underneath your table. Using our high-tech CAD software, we can also show our clients a preview of their finished gaming table inside their office, studio or workspace.


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