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As the centre of scientific research and discovery, a laboratory requires the right technical equipment to be able to function effectively. From microscopes to test tubes, and everything in between, each element should be optimally designed to allow scientists to carry out their work accurately – including laboratory furniture. Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking, our expert knowledge of the scientific sector has enabled us to create the LabMec desk system, ideally suited for a range of settings including research & development, education, and healthcare.


Height Adjustable for Optimum Productivity

With our innovative approach to furniture for technical use, our specialist team of designers understand the importance of a well-functioning workstation. The LabMec desk system has been designed with productivity at the forefront, with the ability to accommodate both solo and group working, and expertly support all types of scientific equipment. Each of our LabMec desks come with height adjustability, enabling optimum working conditions for all users.


Technical & Bespoke Laboratory Desks

In addition to height adjustability, the LabMec comes with a plethora of features that make it ideal for any laboratory setting. These include an ample 1400mm x 800mm TRESPA work surface, Linak DL6 actuators for evenly distributed capacity, an 8-gang power supply unit to the rear, and a memory function control switch, to name but a few. Should you require a more bespoke laboratory desk for your setting, our designers are well placed to create custom pieces that can easily slot into your existing environment and fulfil all of your technical requirements.


Contact Our LabMec Designers

For more information about our technical furniture for your laboratory workplace, contact our expert design team today. Call us on 01799 531202, or email [email protected] for more information.

Height Adjustable Laboratory Desk

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