The Importance of Process Control Furniture

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When it comes to a productive plant control room, finding optimum functionality is essential. To ensure that operators can complete their demanding jobs safely and effectively, both equipment and furniture should be well-designed and placed. At Knotty, our team are able to craft control room furniture to suit a variety of organisations – from offshore oil rigs, to nuclear energy producers, power distribution companies, and more.


Modular Command Consoles


Process control furniture doesn’t have to be complicated to be technical. With this in mind, our Commander Desk Range is completely modular, and can be installed within a variety of command centre environments. Constructed with durable materials and designed with functionality at the core, our process control consoles allow for the integration of multiple monitors, with a low-level rear shelf for technical equipment pod positioning. Each unit can be flexibly combined to fit any sized control room, including open plan and cubicle style configurations.


Bespoke Oil, Gas & Process Control Furniture


If you require a more bespoke solution for your oil, gas & process control furniture, we also offer our custom design services. Within this, our furniture designers will consider your control technology and your space, before creating a solution that will help in optimising your workflow. Whatever your desired control room layout, we are experts at building process control consoles that include a range of optional features to suit your needs. Using our cutting-edge CAD visualisation software, we can provide our clients with a preview of your finished space prior to manufacture.


Optimise Your Process Control Business


To take the first step in optimising your process control business, simply speak to our team today about your requirements. Call us on 01799 531202, or alternatively email [email protected].

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