Optimum Functionality with the Edge Control Desk.

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For those working in control rooms, a well-designed desk is more than just a place to put your coffee, it’s a crucial aspect of your workspace which can impact your comfort, efficiency, and focus. The Edge Control Desk from Knotty Ash Woodworking is a UK manufactured desk that prioritises functionality without compromising on style.

Our Edge desk is all about customisation. Whether you prefer a fixed height desk or one which can be adjusted electronically to suit your needs, The Edge Control Desk has you covered. Their modular design ensures a perfect fit for any control room, while the two stylish colour options, light or dark, allow you to create a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements your existing environment.

Despite this, functionality goes beyond looks. With this in mind the Edge Control Desk boasts a number of innovative features designed to make your workday run more smoothly. The ergonomic design prioritises your comfort, reducing fatigue and ensuring you can stay focused for longer. Integral cable management trays keep your workspace organised and free from clutter, while the integrated LED end panel mood lighting adds a touch of sophistication and can be adjusted to create a calming atmosphere.

For an extra touch of personalisation, consider adding the optional under-desk mood lighting. This subtle feature can further enhance the ambience of your control room, creating a space that’s both functional and inviting.

With a focus on ergonomics, adjustability, and modern design, the Edge Control Desk is a perfect solution for control rooms of all types. By combining functionality with style, the Edge ensures you have the perfect platform to perform your best.

To find out more about our Edge Control Desk, or any of our other control consoles or broadcast furniture, speak to a member of our team today. Call 01799 531202 or email [email protected].

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